Who We Are

Advance Trust was founded in April 2013. The Members and Directors of the Trust have a wealth of experience, brought together by a passion for giving children the best start in life. pdf/policy/Advance Trust Directors Bio- Members Autumn 2018.pdf



  • Richard Forrest: Founder member (2013)
  • Ian Kirby: Member (Feb 2017)
  • Ann Starr: Member (Sept 2016)


  • Richard Forrest: Chair of Board
  • Liz Hayward: Executive Principal
  • Samantha Gould: Director
  • Tracey Guise: Director
  • Nicol Hynek: Director
  • Ian Kirby: Director (Finance)
  • Ann Starr: Director (School improvement & leadership Mentor)
  • Philip Siegert: Chair of Governors - Interim (Newbridge)
  • Susan Carpenter : Chair of Governors (Kingfisher and Riversides joint body)
  • Caroline Montgomery: Chair of Governors (Vale of Evesham)

Trust Leadership Team:

  • Liz Hayward - Executive Principal
  • Alison Young - Business Director and Company Secretary
  • Jay Hart - Headteacher (Kingfisher)
  • James Laidler - Headteacher (Newbridge)
  • Paul Yeomans - Headteacher (Riversides)
  • Stephen Garside - Headteacher (Vale of Evesham)