Our Impact


We offer an inclusive environment for children and young people with a range of special educational needs. In total we meet a cumulative total of 499 needs across our 374 students on roll.

Educational Needs Met

Our belief is that every child and young person will grow and thrive even through challenging times or circumstances. That is why we do not permanently exclude any children at Advance Trust.

Permanent Exclusions Per Year

Source: Department for Education, National Statistics

Teaching Quality

We demand high performance from all our schools and recognise that each school’s journey to success will differ based on its context. We encourage schools to explore diversity of approach, new ideas and evidence based practices in order to flourish and best meet their students’ needs. 

  • We expect all our schools to actively support each other and to share emergent and best practice for everyone’s benefit

  • We want each of our schools to assert and celebrate its distinctive identity within Advance Trust

Good or Better